Customer Notice

We are sorry to announce that Tesco free buses last day of operation will be Saturday 11th September 2021.

The decision was taken by Tesco to cease the service, please contact Tesco for further information.


As of Tuesday 4th May 2021 we will once again be accepting cash as a form of payment for tickets. 

We would however request that you pay by contactless payment whenever possible.


Please only travel if your journey is essential - unless it’s really necessary to travel for work, or to shop for essentials - STAY AT HOME.

Mandatory wearing of Face Coverings on our buses and coaches

- CoVID 19

As from Monday 15th June 2020 

You should wear a face covering while travelling, as set out in this guidance.

A face covering should cover your mouth and nose while allowing you to breathe comfortably. It is important to use face coverings properly and wash your hands before putting them on and after taking it off.


We do understand that some people may not be able to wear a face covering, for example very young children, people with breathing difficulties and people whose disabilities makes it difficult for them to wear a face covering.

A face covering is not the same as the surgical masks or respirators used by healthcare and other workers as part of personal protective equipment (PPE). These should continue to be reserved for those who need them to protect against risks in their workplace, such as health and care workers, and those in industrial settings, like those exposed to dust hazards.

The evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you, but it may protect others if you are infected but have not yet developed symptoms.

We thank you for your assistance in helping us to keep you our passengers and drivers safe.


MONDAY 27th April 2020

New timetable changes for town service:

207 will ONLY run: 0825, 0925, 1025, 1125, 1225.

226 will ONLY run: 0850, 1050, 1250.

228 will ONLY run: 0950, 1150.



227 service from 20th April 2020

This service will be extended to go up Glannant Road, down Jobswell Road and back onto its regular route to replace the 226/228 services that are discontinued.